Fashion Designer / Photographer

Badwin is thankful for god’s gift of an edgy aesthetic sense and a passion for fashion that allows him to share with the world. Badwin’s design represents extremity. His work showcases how extreme conflict and extreme harmony could co-exist.

Prior to heading up VISIONLY, Badwin was the Associate Creative Director of LB ARCWW, where he was responsible for the visual design of numerous international brands.

The thirst for fashion and testing greater creative boundaries fuelled Badwin to found his first designer label JUST FOR TEE in 2010. JUST FOR TEE was very well received by the public, allowing Badwin to launched his high end ready-to-wear fashion label BADWIN CHEUNG in 2013.

。First Chinese designer invited to showcase a collection at the Copenhagen Fashion Week (AW2014) 。
。First Chinese designer invited to showcase a collection at the main official show hosted by WHO‘S NEXT PARIS 。
。Awarded 2012 CCDC CHINA Prize 。
。Nominated for the Chinese Fashion Award 2012 。
。In 2010, along with former Miss Hong Kong Ling Ling Zhu, Badwin Cheung was a judge at the photo contest Ruian New World Cup along 。
。In 2011, Badwin Cheung was a judge of a beauty pageant hosted by Vivi magazine 。
。In 2011, Badwin Cheung was a judge of the Chinese East Model Contest 。
。In 2012, Badwin Cheung was the judge of the Jinli Shan Cup, a nationwide fashion design competition 。
。In 2012, Badwin Cheung was invited as a guest of the Wuhan Fashion Week Chinese and Foreign Famous Designer Release 。
。In 2013, Badwin Cheung was invited to attend the Chengdu Fashion Week 。

张北永 (香港)
服装设计师 / 摄影师

曾任LB ARCWW ACD,为众多国际品牌视觉负责,
2010开创设计师服装品牌JUST FOR TEE,
2013建立个人同名高级成衣品牌BADWIN CHEUNG。

。首位被哥本哈根时装周官方邀请发布的华裔设计师 。
。首位在被WHO‘S NEXT PARIS邀请在官方主题秀上发布的华裔设计师 。
。荣获2012 CCDC CHINA大奖 。
。设计作品入选2012中国时尚大典 。
。2012应邀参加武汉时装周中外名师发布 。
。2013应邀参加出席成都时装周 。